Creativity is not innate. It is a trainable skill. You may never think of creativity as something you can get better at, but you definitely can.

The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for your imagination and creativity. It also associates with creative thinking skills which allow you to see the new ways of looking at things and obtain new better solutions. You can improve your creativity by exercising it in the same way that you train your memory or learn a new skill.

Surprisingly, creative people tend to have great memory, and vice versa. Developing your creativity and creative thinking skills will benefit not only your career but also the rest of your life.

What is Creativity?

Creative person is not necessary an artist or a graphic designer. This is because creativity does not mean art.

Creativity is the ability to think about a task or a problem in new ways and generate new solutions or put those new or imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity allows us to discover hidden patterns, to make connections between unrelated events, and to create new results.

There are many different ways we can use to generate ideas and improve overall creativity. Take these as examples.

  • Making connections
  • Asking questions
  • Making observations
  • Exploring possibilities
  • Experimenting new ideas

Why is Creativity Important?

Creativity enables you to solve complex or new problems with novelty. Creative brain doesn’t heavily rely on memories or prior knowledge. If you are creative, you can make connections to find new opportunities.

Also, creative thinking leads us to positivity and confidence. Once you know that there are more than one way to tackle a problem, instead of feeling overwhelmed and defeated, you probably try to come up with more ideas and be positive with finding the best solution.

What’s more, creativity is likely to increase in demand in the future professional market. It has been highlighted over the past decade that employers value not only skills and experience, but also creativity. This quality is unlikely to be replaced by machine anytime soon.

Today, many things are already fully automated or soon will be automated. This will soon impact a serious amount of professions which is process-oriented. And this is why learning to think creatively can set you apart from others and benefit you long-term.

Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.

Dorothy Parker
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Creativity and Memory

Creativity has a strong connection with memory.

When it comes to creative solutions to a problem, your brain is searching for existing information in your memory that can be applied to some extent to a new task. So, it is important to strengthen your memory by regularly revisiting the old (and useful) information while building new useful information to become an effective problem solver.

Creativity also strongly links to imagination. When it comes to learning a new skill, the more creative you are in connecting the new knowledge to the existing information, the better and easier you will learn and remember.

Powerful memory requires creativity. However, in order to be a creative person, a good memory is also required.  

A creative mind requires a good memory and flexibility.

Gamma High IQ Society

We may have different creativity and memory capabilities influenced by the way we think, believe, live or even the nature of our job. However, they are not fixed qualities. Like creativity, memory can be improved over time when using the right method and strategies. The key is to know how to effectively organise, connect and store the information so you can instantly retrieve it when needed.

And the more creative you are with your strategies, the more effectively you learn.

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