We know you are looking to be your best self and live a worthwhile life. It all starts inside the brain and body.

DeepGamma aims to unlock the true potential of human brain and enhance overall mental and physical wellbeing. We focus on optimising the brain’s performance with a holistic approach – reconnecting the mind with the body – and always guided by science.

Human intellectual function or cognitive function refers to the abilities to better think, learn, reason and solve problems when dealing with challenging situations. Brain efficiency has strong connection with human intellectual function.

Even though the definition of human intelligence has long been debated, we agree that the more developed intelligence and brain efficiency, the more we feel positive and confident about ourselves and about life. 

Every brain is different. However, by taking good care of the brain, together with harmonising the mind and body, we can optimise brain power, transform our own wellbeing and live a fulfilling life over time.

Who are we?

DeepGamma is a group of like-minded people with extensive experience in the science of learning and technology. We are interested in how to optimise human intelligence and the way the brain learns. We also look for best methods to encourage positive changes in brain efficiency and performance.

On this website, you can have access to our informative articles across various topics related to brain optimisation and human intelligence.

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Optimise the brain’s performance to unlock the true potential of the human brain.


Cultivate wellbeing, balance and harmony in life through the mind-body connection.


Live a smarter life guided by science.

The more you use your brain, the more brain you will have to use.

– George A Dorsey